Consolidate Energy Community Solar

A Creative Mechanism for NYC Building Owners with Large Rooftops To Earn Revenue

Groundbreaking legislation was passed by the New York Public Service Commission under the REV initiative which established A Community Solar structure for all of New York State. The basic idea is simple, Community Solar makes available electricity generated by Solar for those consumers that do not have access to it either from not having capital to build a solar array, being a renter, owing a home that solar is not suitable for, or building owners in dense urban areas that have no roof space.


There are three components to a Community Solar Project:

If you own or manage a building in the ConEdison service territory and meet the following criteria, there is an opportunity for you to earn revenue being a HOST SOLAR FACILITY for a Community Solar Project:


Once your building is Pre-Qualified to be a host for Community Solar, our Value Proposition is:

No Cost & Earn Revenue

Hosting a Rooftop Community Solar project cost you $0! A building owner can earn revenue from an annual lease for a contract term of 20 years. We also offer an opportunity to earn additional revenue streams from the project. If the roof needs to be replaced, we have the ability to replace the roof at NO COST to you and structure a custom contract depending on the replacement cost.

Property Tax & Energy Savings

If the building is located within the 5 boroughs of NYC, the NYC Property Tax abatement is 100% passed to the building owner. This benefit is available for solar systems installed by December 31, 2018 and has a value of up to $250,000 over 4 years. In addition, we will provide the building owner's ConEdison account with free renewable energy credits.

Branding & Positive PR

The building and its owner/manager will receive free Branding of the System "Company ABC Community Solar Farm" which we would promote both at a local level and State level including a special Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Your building will be recognized as a clean energy pioneer offering the citizens of New York clean and affordable locally generated electricity. It's great for your brand and great for the environment!

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