Consolidate Energy Low Cost Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Retrofit

Simple DIY Solution Available To Ship Anywhere

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers play a major role in the annual expenses associated with maintaining and running the compressor unit to keep food and beverages at constant temperature. Our low cost retrofit is a small sized (of an iPhone Plus) device that installs over the existing air temperature probe of the walk-in unit. The technology is simple and has been proven. We can ship this product anywhere in the United States and will also work with your local utility to secure a rebate, if such a program is available.

The Value Proposition of The Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Retrofit:

Simple Proven Concept

The small device reduces energy consumption and compressor cycles by providing a more accurate means of temperature measurement through a specialized gel compound that simulates the food product temperature instead of the air temperature which fluctuates with more volatility. The result is a reduction in compressor cycles by 40% - 60%!

Not Just Energy Savings

The benefits of accurate temperature measurement of the food as opposed to the air go beyond just energy savings. The stable temperature environment increases overall stability which increases the shelf life of the food product. In addition maintenance savings are realized as the compressor is working 40%-60% less! The device is even endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

Easy DIY Installation

The beauty of this device is that there are no electrical or mechanical parts, making this a simple 5-minute do-it-yourself installation! We will show you what to look for in your existing unit and how to install it. If you are local to the NYC area, Consolidate Energy will provide a turnkey process: installation, rebate procurement and financing if applicable!

This Device Has Been Installed To Many Customers Since 2008.

Many World Renowned Brands Have Implemented This Retrofit In Their Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Including:

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