Consolidate Energy Low Cost HVAC Unit Retrofit

Versatile Solution Available To Ship Anywhere

HVAC operations can contribute as much as 60% of a commercial users total energy expense! Our low cost retrofit is a small device that installs at the 24-V terminal of an existing commercial rooftop packaged unit (RTU) or for split systems at the 24-V terminal of the system's air handler unit. The technology has been proven and is available to ship anywhere in the United States. Included with your purchase is assistance with working with your local utility to secure a rebate, if such a program is available.

The Value Proposition of The HVAC Retrofit:

Smart Proven Technology

The palm sized device is a dual microprocessor technology that has been tested in numerous scenarios and applications. The first microprocessor monitors system cycle time and adjusts the HVAC fan to run for an extended period of time after the cooling or heating unit cycles off. The second microprocessor has built in compressor saving technology which allows a 5 minute reprieve for 30 minutes of continues cycling.

Universal Applications

The device applies to a wide variety of commercial end-users that utilize a smaller centralized Alternating Current (AC) Controlled HVAC system for their heating and/or cooling needs. These systems can include packaged rooftop units such as those manufactured by York, Trane, Carrier, etc or split systems that have compressors and furnaces that supply conditioned energy through coils where an air handling unit blows air over the coils.

Easy Installation

The device is installed in about 25 minutes at the 24 Volt terminal but depends on the exact configuration of the system. For this reason we recommend that a professional HVAC technician or electrician perform the installation. If you are local to the NYC and surrounding area, Consolidate Energy will provide a turnkey process: installation, rebate procurement and financing if applicable!

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